Inspire  Empower  Reward

"One to Love, One to Give is why I wanted to be apart of this company .  I knew that being a consultant was a great opportunity. To share love with those who truly need it during difficult, unclear times, is the best gift one can give.  I have truly enjoyed sharing David’s mission and bringing smiles to so many!
- Terra Beethe - Louisville, NE"

Our company’s beginning is nothing short of remarkable. The humble and generous heart of David Holdridge inspired the creation of Everything Happy. Striving to spread smiles and happiness across the globe, young David transformed his love of giving into a real life mission. Since 2010, we have touched thousands of lives, both locally and worldwide. We strive to be a company that is committed to excellence, to giving back, and to making a difference throughout the world.

The possibility of financial freedom and blessing others through our giving movement is endless. We would love to welcome you as a member of the Everything Happy family! We promise to encourage, to inspire and to reward you throughout your journey- together we can spread happiness one smile at a time! 

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